About the Princeton Offense System

Why Princeton Offense?

We break down the offense for you set by set and include the spacing options and timing that will make it effective. See why this offense has been so effective at every level. There are many layers to this offense and you can speed it up or slow it down depending on your personnel and level. If you only want to run some of it then that is an option, but these breakdown drills will help your players learn the offense.

Basketball coaching is a tough job because we are all looking for the newest and best ways to win a basketball game. What about just looking for the right way?

Pete Carril was a genius and put together a system of play that was revolutionary at the time. The Princeton Offense is constantly adapting with some new coaches adding their own innovations to the style including the Corner Offense by Rick Adelman and many of the Horns Sets you see in the NBA.

This system will give you the tools you need to win by design.

Learn More About How to Purchase the Princeton Blueprint

I spent almost a decade studying the Princeton System before installing it successfully with my high school teams.

We were featured in the best-selling DVD from Championship Productions: Winning with the Princeton Style Offense.

Eight years later we have put together the ultimate blueprint from suggestions of coaches at the professional, college, high school, and youth levels.

The video below explains what is our Princeton Offense Blueprint includes: plays, sets, diagrams, PDFs, video, drill breakdowns, zone sets, press break sets, quick hitters, adjustments, and shooting drills.


  • How to use the best of your own offense and enhance it with the Princeton.
  • Drills to execute this offense to perfection
  • Myths about the offense
  • The basic principles for teaching the Princeton.
  • Simple X’s and O’s you can implement this year that will make your team hard to guard.
  • Which player skills must be developed so your team can execute with precision.
  • Princeton System Blueprint

  • Video Breakdown

  • Princeton Practice Plans and Blueprint

  • Special Situations eBook

  • Quick Hitter Sets

Princeton Offense Playbook Highlights

Princeton Offense Drills